Wednesday, March 08, 2006

iPod Training

Now, why didn't I think of that?

iPods making in-roads into business world

Macsimum News - iPods making in-roads into business world

I really wish I had thought of this. It makes so much sense. A cheap, portable, product that will let you play video and audio. And with 'Enhanced' AAC 'podcasts', you can even have chapter marks, screen shots, and links to more information with a voice over tutorial giving you step by step instructions.

Makes so much sense. Here I was thinking that DVDs made the most sense for video training distribution. I will have to talk to my clients about this. What an awakening.

Wonder if this will become the default training format? Even if the main training location will be on a PC, the format is fixed, it is flexible (plays on PCs, MACs, iPods, and TiVo's), and there is a massive number mobile training devices out there.

If you are a company wanting to make sure your employees are enthusiastic about training, give them an iPod.


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