Thursday, September 15, 2005



I would like to talk about Podcasts.

Some are great and for some topics, there are a large number of podcasts.

Other topics, not so much.

Take Sci-Fi or Technology. There are ALOT of podcasts about either and both of those subjects.

Now take Motorcycling. You would think with the popularity of motorcycling, such as custom cruisers and sport bikes. Last month, I had only found two that I could subscribe to. Now there are four. One I am still subscribed, MotoGPod, is excellent and focuses on MotoGP racing.

One I am not interested is Radio Free Biker. It is just not what I am looking for.

Two new ones available on iTunes is Chopper Kast and 'A Century of British Motorcycling'.

I was hoping for an ABATE or AMA podcast, or even one on motorcycle technology. But I have not found any like that yet. If you find such a podcast, please feel free to let me know about it.


PS If you are not familar with the term podcast, try here on Wikipedia.

Back Update

Hello Readers,

Some of my restrictions have been lifted, like I can drive, but I can not return to work yet.

Further updates about my back will be posted in the future.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Down and out in the Bloomington Hills

Went to the doctor today.

He said I can not do much until September 13th, when I see him again.

Means not driving, doing the lawn and no lifting over 10 lbs.

This is going to make it hard on my wife and son, but hopefully I will heal up soon and things wont be so bad.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Unable to dismount ladders in a single bound.

Dateline Friday, August 26, 2005

Lloyd Douglas Jessee, while trying for the national team at a regional competition, skipped all steps of the ladder and proceeded to try a single point landing on his bottom.

The judges awarded him an average score of 5.5, crushing his Olympic dreams for the USA's Olympic Ladder Dismount Squad (as well as his pride).

In an effort to cover up this failed landing, Doug continued to work his Network Recabling routine for almost an hour, before finally admitting to injury when he failed to complete the 'Move Table Back' maneuver. Though no bones were broken or chipped, the doctor has placed Doug on bed rest, two painkillers, and a muscle relaxant for his injured back.

More breaking news of Mr. Jessee's condition will follow on Monday, after seeing the doctor again.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Taxes and Education


Some people complain that public education does not get enough money. And in some places this is very true.

Other places, they make education a priority, thus there is more money and a better public education.

I have an example of each, but it may take a little background to explain each, so just bare with me.

The current stadium for the Indianapolis Colts, which was built in the mid-80's with the cost being split between public and private funds was $82 million. RCA paid $10 million for naming rights for 10 years.

A 1% sales tax was added to the state sales tax (5%, now 6%) at resturants, bars and hotels in the 'downtown' area of Indianapolis. This tax has never been lifted or removed. If the tax payers were to only pay half, you would think in 20 years $41 million would have been paid. Oh, and dont forget about the $10 million RCA paid.

Recently a tax increase of 1% was passed for several counties to help pay for a new stadium for the Colts. Was there talk of lifting or replacing the older 1% sales tax? No, of course not.

Other communities are increasing sales tax, but to help fund educational programs. Cobb county of Georgia had a 1% sales tax increase to help purchase technology equipment for schools. If my local county said they wanted to provide more funds to schools, but could not due it with the current budget/tax level and wanted to add a 1% sales for education, I would be OK with that. A tax for something very specific. It is easier to track, to see how it is spent, to make sure it is not spent on buying someone a new car or house or something else other than improving the schools.

Now, what would you rather have in your community? NFL team or better schools for your kids? I pick schools everytime.

Of course, in the future I might get into how mis-spent the current taxes are and they might have more money for education if they would use that tax money more responsibly and efficiently.




I am Lloyd, father of two, husband (for the third time).

I was in the service for a few years, have not attended college but usually have a complex job (helicopter maintenance, microfiche/microfilm, computers-telephony, computers-video manipulation and other computer/network maintenance and repair).

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